Glamourbaby Diaries


Glamourbaby Diaries is a writing workshop series with a focus on women’s empowerment and Asian American women’s history explored through the lens of fashionGlamourbaby Diaries encourages young women to redefine beauty and elegance by encompassing themes of strength, passion, & purpose.

Incorporating media, art, and fashion, participants gain tools that build self-confidence, inner beauty, social awareness, and leadership, inspiring them to embrace their highest potential to become agents of social change. With a component of the program dedicated to Asian American women’s issues, participants learn about the unique struggles that Asian American women face, and find parallels across multicultural upbringings. The goal of this program is to create an inspiring and provocative space for young women to explore their identity and assert their voices in the public sphere. The program focuses on the leadership and personal development of female leaders, thinkers, and writers, providing participants with tools to strengthen the expression of their opinions and ideas, thus creating opportunities to better represent themselves in their families, schools, and communities. The Glamourbaby Diaries aspires to be the “gateway” in which young women connect their interests in fashion with a new found passion for social advocacy.
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Participants Visiting the Vivienne Tam Store in SoHo (top)

Participants in Class with Guests from FiRE, Filipinas in Rights and Empowerment (below)

**Note: Workshops can be tailored to your particular campus or event. Ruby has a particular specialization and passion for Asian American issues, and can angle workshops to touch on the issues unique to the Asian American community. The Glamourbaby Diaries project is available as a 1-week residency, 8 session program, or a one day event. For bookings, contact Carisse Escueta of Catalist Group at: Launched in New York City, this project was funded by the Asian Women Giving Circle in 2010.